"Madeline Raube as Countess Lily - a classic musical comic role in the mold of Miss Hannigan, or Miss Adelaide, or every role Judy Kaye ever played. She's marvelous...You won't want the "Countess and the Common Man" number to end. Her "Land of Yesterday" number, a kind of "20th Century Blues," convinced me she could sustain a musical of her own."

~Anthony Chase, BUFFALO NEWS 

"Madeline Raube as Countess Lily absolutely steals the show with her powerhouse voice


"My personal favorite performances of the main cast, however, were Bryan Seastrom as Count Vlad Popov and Madeline Raube as Countess Lily Malevsky-Malevitch. Their comedic timing individually was unmatched, but when put together, these two have a chemistry that quite honestly steals the show."

~Abby Sink, THE SHIELD 

" the second act Madeline Raube stood out as the Countess Lily Malevsky-Malevitch."

~Nancy Janis, REPUBLICAN-AMERICAN Magazine

"Raube steals the show with her performance of 'Land of Yesterday,' quick wit and comedic timing. She was by far my favorite thing about the production."


"Some of the cast makes a lasting impression, like triple threat Madeline Raube, who plays Countess Lily and whose star is no doubt on the rise."

~Austin Bailey, ARKANSAS TIMES

"Countess Lily, Madeline Raube, is a fan favorite."

~Courtney Symes, BROADWAY WORLD