Hi! I'm Madeline Raube. I'm a New York-based singer, actress, model, voice actor and vocal coach. When someone asks me where I'm from, I never know how to respond. I was born in South Jersey, grew up in a small town just outside of Philly, and spent my teenage years in the Chicago area.

Then, I was fortunate to attend the Oberlin Conservatory (hidden away in the Ohio cornfields) where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Vocal Performance. Wanting to continue my studies of music, I headed to the Big Apple and got my Master of Music degree in Musical Theatre at NYU Steinhardt. So, I guess that's why I feel so comfortable in this melting pot.

I'm finding out that all that moving around, and seeing different ways of life has helped me become who I am. I've been fortunate to make some fantastic, long-lasting friendships from all over the world. And, because of those experiences, I've become more outgoing, adaptable, and understanding of others. It's prepared me for overcoming obstacles, for being a part of this vibrant mix of a city, and for chasing my dreams.

Some other fun facts about me:

*I do a pretty good Bernadette Peters impersonation 

*I love hiking, cliff jumping, high ropes courses...and I look forward to hang-gliding some day!

*Decorating and baking treats with funny faces have become a hobby of mine.

*I'm 1 of 4 redheads in my family--and that doesn't even include my aunts and uncles!

*If it were acceptable, I'd wear a gown every day.  

*I'm obsessed with murder mystery books.